2017 Global Energy 10K, 5K Long Beach Race Recap!

We had a great time at the Global Energy 10K/5K race last weekend in Long Beach!

We got there around 6:45 am and the line to get into the parking lot took us about 20 minutes just to get into the lot but once we were in, parking was plentiful and we made our way across the street to the race expo & starting line. Thankfully, I had already picked up our bibs the day before. Tip for next year…get here earlier as they suggested!

My crew was made up of my 2 girls (Kyra, 11 & Ava, 10), my niece & nephew (Chase, 12 & Cash, 14), my friend Brandy & her daughter (Paige, 10) and myself!  Team, “Be Happy <3” was geared up and ready to put 5K in the books!

There were tons of vendor booths lined up along the grass and the energy and vibe were all positive.  We lined up at the start and off we went! Here are some snippets from my SnapChat –> gononerz.

After the race, we hit up the Bimbo booth where they were giving out free bags of bagels and sandwich bread. We celebrated Chase’s amazing first race…she is 12 and ended up 3rd overall for females and 1st in her age division in the 5K with a stellar time of 22:11!! Super proud auntie moment!!!

The weather was just *perfect* and the turnout was amazing!  Great views of the Queen Mary & Shoreline Village.  I spotted a seal swimming around right around this area!

Great swag…we got all this and more! Dri-fit T-shirt, finisher’s medal, armband cell phone holder, coolie towel, bag plus a hat or visor at the event!


It was fun getting a chance to meet up with other Ambassadors like Tam! Love her positive energy and infectious smile! 😁

Lots of families were there…little kids, big kids, old & young!  It was so great to see so many kids getting involved…makes me happy. 🐝😊.

Thanks for a great event, very organized, family friendly & great swag especially for the price! My only suggestion would be to have race photographers there to capture the moment but thankfully I have my iPhone for that! Looking forward to attending again next year, hopefully as an Ambassador again.

Next up for me is the Long Beach Half Marathon & 5K this weekend. The last day to register online is Thursday, October 5th! Use coupon code RUNWITHNONERZ for 15% off all races…full marathon, half marathon, 5K, bike tour, combo and FREE kids 1 mile fun run! Kids run includes a finishers medal & free entry to the Aquarium of the Pacific…spots are limited so sign up now!


#runwithus #runlongbeach


Be Happy! <3

Join us at Global Energy 10K & 5K in Long Beach this SUNDAY morning! TEAM “BE HAPPY! ❤” Will be logging 3.1 miles in the books. Brandy Rerucha is heading up the team of elementary & middle schoolers including my girls & my niece & nephew & her daughter!

It’s not too late to register and if you can sign up as a TEAM of 4-8 people for only $20!!! Everyone gets medals, shirts & a ton of other swag items. Get moving & feel great! (My discount code is not valid for the team rate – enter coupon code: GOGLOBALNL for $5 off!)

http://www.globalenergyrace.com?rf=e500c3ea78ed464daa5b21cbb7677fb4&ts=T #runwithus

Walking with my buddy boy!

1.3 miles in the books Monday walking with my buddy boy Rocky! He is goofy and all puppy and loves a good walk around the neighborhood. Doing better but still has random spastic episodes to keep me on my toes!

As for me – I am 7 weeks post ACL reconstruction/meniscus repair and working on building my strength. My quad has gone mushy from the atrophy! My doctor just cleared me to walk the Global Energy 5K this weekend, so I’m grateful for that and excited to soak up all the positive vibes on the course in Long Beach!

If you’d like to join us for the 5K or 10K this weekend, you can save an extra $5 by using coupon code: GOGLOBALNL.

More discount codes here: https://gononerz.wordpress.com/discount-codes/

My little workout partner!

Thankful for my awesome little workout partner, Ava, who has been encouraging me during my pre-surgery rehab walks on the beach. She is supportive, understanding & so thoughtful! We walked 2.3 miles on the beach on Tuesday and halfway (1.25 miles) today because we were short on time but I did manage to squeeze in a little dip in the ocean!

This is my happy place! Barefoot on the beach is a great way to recharge your mind & body…it’s called “earthing.” I have come to prefer barefoot runs on the beach over pavement runs with shoes & think there may be something to this earthing…I know I always feel better afterwards!

It has been a great bonding experience for us.  We get a chance to talk, laugh and explore together in a stress free environment!  We admire the shells and quirky things that we discover.

It’s our time to enjoy each others company and the beauty all around us!

I’ve found that varying the location of my runs can be a nice change if I’m not so inspired.  Mix things up and you may be re-energized by the new scenery!  Here is to finding YOUR happy place!

Shark Week!

2.5 miles in the books today and I’m jumping for joy to be back at it after being on lockdown with my 2 sick kiddos! Spotted this “Shark Sighted” sign near the pier…surfers don’t care about a sign, bring on the surf! I just watched a show that shared some interesting statistics on shark “attacks” (which are really mistakes)…more people get bitten by cows each year than sharks. In fact, more people get bitten by people than sharks!

Make it your habit!

1.5 miles in the books yesterday with my mini me! Kyra seems to really enjoy running and usually leaves me in the dust on the shorter runs. Ava didn’t exactly share our excitement for running this time…I’m going to have to figure out a good way to motivate her!  I love having #mygirlies out there with me. 💜

Here are some fun silly pics we took together!