Run Seal Beach 10K

We had a blast running this race!  It was fun to see some familiar faces in the crowd.  We ran into some of the teachers from our school as well as some softball friends.  This race is right down the road from us and maybe next year we will ride our bikes!

Here we are before the race…I HAD to laugh at Ava, making faces & gestures behind Kyra’s back!  You gotta love little sisters and their antics, lol!

One last hug before the race starts!
The race started and as expected, Kyra took off ahead of us!  I stayed back with Ava who was struggling the first half of the race.  I pushed her (sometimes literally) through the beginning but once we approached the riverbed, she hit her stride and started running strong ahead of me, all the way to the finish!



Both my girls won their age division…they were the only one in them!
That says a lot for just showing up!





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