My little workout partner!

Thankful for my awesome little workout partner, Ava, who has been encouraging me during my pre-surgery rehab walks on the beach. She is supportive, understanding & so thoughtful! We walked 2.3 miles on the beach on Tuesday and halfway (1.25 miles) today because we were short on time but I did manage to squeeze in a little dip in the ocean!

This is my happy place! Barefoot on the beach is a great way to recharge your mind & body…it’s called “earthing.” I have come to prefer barefoot runs on the beach over pavement runs with shoes & think there may be something to this earthing…I know I always feel better afterwards!

It has been a great bonding experience for us.  We get a chance to talk, laugh and explore together in a stress free environment!  We admire the shells and quirky things that we discover.

It’s our time to enjoy each others company and the beauty all around us!

I’ve found that varying the location of my runs can be a nice change if I’m not so inspired.  Mix things up and you may be re-energized by the new scenery!  Here is to finding YOUR happy place!


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