Race On The Base Reverse Tri


🥇Medal Monday feels got me like 🤩 after my first podium finish, taking 1st place in my age group this weekend at the Race on the Base Reverse Triathlon!

🏃🏻‍💨 R – U – N

My strategy was to start at the back of the pack and pick off people one at a time.  I think it was a great mental boost for me to pass someone up & get a “kill” (as they say in Ragnar races). I  had one of my best 5K runs with an 8:27 pace, finishing in 27:58.  I utilized the tweaks that I received from my run analysis from Noriel from @optimum_care_therapy —> quicker cadence and running more on the front of my foot rather than landing on the heel.  This was included in my coaching package with @area_3_endurance and I could feel & see the improvement right away with the changes.

🚴🏽‍💨 B – I – K – E

I dodged a crash that happened right in front of me on the first lap.  I slowed down to avoid them and had to regain my composure.  I got to work and was feeling pretty fast, passing a lot of people.  3 hour sessions on the trainer makes you strong apparently & I was zipping right along!

🏊🏼‍ 💦S – W – I – M

4 times across the pool shouldn’t be hard for me at this point but it was still tough with dead legs, lol!  I managed to have good form for the first 2 times across…the 3rd, I did some breast stroke but I got it together to finish strong and got my 200 meters done in 2:46 for a final finish time of 1:18:17 and claiming my first ever podium finish! 🥇

I almost cried when they told me and was so happy my daughter was there to share the moment with me.  She did the Jr. Reverse Tri before my race and cheered me on during mine.  I couldn’t want to tell Coach @jon_yance & @rebekahwalker17 from @area_3_endurance – they are truly so very supportive and have helped me improve so much, definitely worth the investment and I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to crush some goals! 💪🏼


I got to meet up with some of the amazing ladies out on the course like Erin —> @tryfit finished 1st overall for the ladies and 10 overall including the men! That is so badass!!! @mrschilders took 3rd in her age group and Amy took 2nd right behind me in our age group.




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