2019 SuperSEAL Olympic Triathlon

91B3C826-83F3-40D9-BA42-7D392F1A19E2Stoked to get this beauty yesterday at the IRONMAN SuperSeal Olympic Triathlon!  Overall, I’m happy to have hit my goal to finish under 3 hours [2:59:54]😜but I definitely have A LOT of work to do on my open water swim in particular as well as cutting down my transition times.

🏊🏼‍♀️S-W-I-M [38:48]

The water was a relatively “warm” 62 degrees compared to what I’m used to at Bayshore and they sent us in the water in a self-seeded staggered start with 2 athletes entering the water at a time.  This relieved a lot of stress as there was no mass start and frantic battling for position in the water.  I was able to get my face down in the water but struggled with swimming continuously, especially in the beginning.  The mental battle in the open water is real!  Those red turnaround buoys looked SO damn far, I was so relieved when I finally reached them.  I got into a groove and focused on making good, strong pulls.  I had a guy zig-zagging pretty badly in front of me on the way back and had to surge ahead to get past him.  I finally could hear the cheers in the crowd which seemed to help pull me in faster…plus I really wanted to catch the dude in front of me, which I did and then passed him up as we got out of the water and into transition.💪🏼

🔁T1 [5:05]

I unzipped my wetsuit as fast as I could and took off my watch.  In training, my watch kept getting stuck on my wetsuit so I had it in my head to just take it off before pulling the sleeves off.  That worked great, as well as tucking my timing chip under my wetsuit on my ankle so that it wouldn’t get caught or ripped off accidentally. Next time, I’m buying booties too!  The sand was pretty cold and the rocky gravel wasn’t fun to run on and we had a bit of a ways to go to get to the bike rack.  I finally got myself geared up for the bike and was off.

🚴🏽‍♀️💨 B-I-K-E [1:15:59]

There was a strict no-passing lane for the first and last 1/2 mile so I used that time to eat my CliffBloks and hydrate.  Once I hit the road, I got into my aero bars and just gave it a good strong and steady effort.  I saw my coach starting his 2nd loop on the bike as I was beginning my 1st. He gave me a word of encouragement and zipped ahead. The bike course was 2 loops, flat & fast.  I managed an average pace of 19.66 mph and felt good & so thankful to have survived the swim!

🔁T2 [2:46]

I quickly racked my bike and swapped my cycling shoes for my running ones.  My race belt+bib was in my hat so I put that on me as I made my way out of transition.  

🏃🏻‍♀️💨 R-U-N [57:18]

It took about a mile to get my legs back and to boot, we started uphill on soft dirt! 😬 I focused on a quick and light cadence and managed a 9:25 pace…not bad for me.  I pushed the pace for the final mile to hit sub 9 minutes, feeling strong & elated to cross the finish line. 🏁 


I DID IT!  I’m so grateful for my amazing coach who has put together a great program for me and has encouraged me every step of the way.



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