2019 Encinitas Half Marathon = PR!

022A1F74-914B-4F42-985B-BB576B21865713.1 miles in the books yesterday in 2:01:06 for a new PR at the Encinitas Half Marathon. 🥳

I started about a minute and a half ahead of the 2 hour pacers and when they caught up to me, I decided to stick to them like glue.  I almost got dropped at one of the hills & had to really push myself to catch up. 🌄

I kept my cadence high and averaged 188 spm – one of the tweaks I’ve made with the help of my coach and the run analysis I got at @optimum_care_therapy.  I really focused on maintaining good form, especially when I started to fatigue.


I knew I was going to be really close to a sub 2 time so I surged ahead of the pacers and ran the final 2 miles at a 9:03 pace.  As I got closer to the finish line, I saw that I was running out of time and had about a quarter of a mile left…my ever elusive sub 2 hour half was not to be.


I finished the race in a head to head sprint with another runner.  We both gave it all we had and made it a good show for the spectators.  I was spent…left it all out there and gave it my best effort.


Although I was disappointed to not get that sub 2 hour half, I was really proud of my effort and for getting a PR.  I haven’t ran that fast since before my ACL reconstruction & meniscus repair surgery in August 2017 so I feel really great about that.


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