Ironman Santa Cruz 70.3 Race Recap


I had 2 specific goals going into this race…

A) SMASH the bike
B) get a sub 6 time
As I was walking to the transition area, I realize I left ALL my liquid nutrition in the fridge!

Thankfully, a fellow competitor & my teammate Carla came through BIG time for me and gave me enough nutrition to get me fueled up on the bike.
I headed to the swim start & got into the water for a quick warm up…that water was cold!! I got out & headed for the corrals & weaved my way up to Carla who was just about ready to start.

I got off to a slow start & kept my head up for way too long. I think I was in my head, thinking about how cold it was. When I finally put my head down, I kept a steady pace all the way to the beach.


It was a long run to T1 but I managed to run the entire distance. I missed the strippers along the way & had to take my wetsuit off once I got to my bike. Kept the time in transition to a minimum & got the hell out of there as fast as I could!
I hopped on my bike & settled in. The sun came out & so did the wind! Major headwinds & crosswinds heading north along the coast. I pushed hard & built up as much speed & momentum as I could to carry me up the rolling hills. I was feeling good, hit the turnaround & then the fun really began!
I got a nice push from the wind at the turnaround & the views of the rugged coastline were breathtaking! At one point, I hit 49 mph descending & couldn’t help but woo-hoo spontaneously, lol!
I came into T2 feeling great. I gave a strong effort on the bike & was ready to run. I quickly made my way out & dialed back the pace until I got my legs back.

At about mile 5.5, I came to the top of the dirt trail where there was an aid station set up right by some uneven terrain. I went to grab a cup of water from one of the volunteers, twisted my ankle & fell down in grand fashion!
I got up, took a few steps & knew I’d be okay. My ankle was a little sore but there was no way I wasn’t going to finish! I came up a little short of my sub 6 but managed a PR of 6:09:27 & top 20 in my age group.

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