Shark Week!

2.5 miles in the books today and I’m jumping for joy to be back at it after being on lockdown with my 2 sick kiddos! Spotted this “Shark Sighted” sign near the pier…surfers don’t care about a sign, bring on the surf! I just watched a show that shared some interesting statistics on shark “attacks” (which are really mistakes)…more people get bitten by cows each year than sharks. In fact, more people get bitten by people than sharks!


Make it your habit!

1.5 miles in the books yesterday with my mini me! Kyra seems to really enjoy running and usually leaves me in the dust on the shorter runs. Ava didn’t exactly share our excitement for running this time…I’m going to have to figure out a good way to motivate her!  I love having #mygirlies out there with me. ๐Ÿ’œ

Here are some fun silly pics we took together!


10.28 miles on my cruiser for a fun bike ride to the beach with #mygirlies! We took the riverbed all the way to River’s End, stopped for a bite and then made our way to Main St. A quick trip to the seashell store, some walking around & lounged around on the beach for a bit but it was windy and cold! We retreated back for what seemed to be a quick ride home…the tailwinds helped! Felt great to be out & about after so many days off. 

Long Riverbed Run to the Beach

7.8 miles in the books today for my long run. I started at Edison Park & made my way down the riverbed until I got to the rocks down by River’s End Cafe in Seal Beach. I ran in the sand to the pier then ditched my socks and shoes! Ran barefoot to the jetty and back to the riverbed before lacing up my shoes and heading back on the riverbed to Edison Park. Felt great to get a longer run in AND still get my barefoot beach run! 

Found this sweet little note in my hydration pack that my daughter put in there for me when I was preparing to head back from Rivers End.

Refueled with my fav gel…GU Roctane.  I’m a fan of the Cherry Lime & Strawberry Kiwi.

Back on the riverbed, the flowers are in full bloom right now!My finish line!

Earthing Before Bootcamp

2.3 miles in the books today before another killer Bootcamp workout this Freaky Friday! She works us to the core and we love her for it!!! Shoutout to Leandra, Luisa, Angela & Marci who were all running at the beach this morning too and an extra head nod to Leandra who doubled up with me and did the Bootcamp after running…get it girl! 

Double Beach Run

4.3 miles in the books today…decided to keep up with the double barefoot beach run as I reach peak week for the OC Half Marathon. Here is what I had scheduled for 4 weeks out before I started with the beach runs: 4+6+4+12=26. Currently doubling up my short 2 mile beach runs and hoping to add in a long run this weekend. Not too worried about the mileage, trying to focus on doing more speed work, i.e. Interval sprints and pushing the pace.  

Leandra & Luisa did an extra segment and ran to the pier an extra time & as they headed out, Bonnie made her way to where I was at the pier so I waited for her to catch up – go Bonnie!  She is always so great at pushing the pace and challenging me to go faster…love it!

Go Bonnie!!!