Double Beach Run

4.3 miles in the books today…decided to keep up with the double barefoot beach run as I reach peak week for the OC Half Marathon. Here is what I had scheduled for 4 weeks out before I started with the beach runs: 4+6+4+12=26. Currently doubling up my short 2 mile beach runs and hoping to add in a long run this weekend. Not too worried about the mileage, trying to focus on doing more speed work, i.e. Interval sprints and pushing the pace.  

Leandra & Luisa did an extra segment and ran to the pier an extra time & as they headed out, Bonnie made her way to where I was at the pier so I waited for her to catch up – go Bonnie!  She is always so great at pushing the pace and challenging me to go faster…love it!

Go Bonnie!!!

Work Hard

4.3 miles in the books today and we had a running crew of 4 today! They are still working on leveling out the berm so we had to take a detour once again. Another beautiful day for a barefoot run on the beach. The soft sand was a nice challenge this morning…love it!

Double Duty Workout!

Bootcamp + 2.4 sunny barefoot beach miles in the books this gorgeous day. We did circuits today at Bootcamp and it was really challenging. I pushed myself and feel stronger already. I opted to do my run after Bootcamp, so things were warming up quite a bit by the time I made it out. The berm is coming down so part of the beach is closed due to the use of heavy machinery, I had to take a slight detour again today. Beautiful day for a run in the beach, I’m blessed! 

Barefoot beach run is da best!!!

My friend Angela sent me this today…she said it reminded her of me! I 💜 it! 🏃🏻‍♀️💨

💜💜💜Run Happy! 💜💜💜

Run Seal Beach 10K

We had a blast running this race!  It was fun to see some familiar faces in the crowd.  We ran into some of the teachers from our school as well as some softball friends.  This race is right down the road from us and maybe next year we will ride our bikes!

Here we are before the race…I HAD to laugh at Ava, making faces & gestures behind Kyra’s back!  You gotta love little sisters and their antics, lol!

One last hug before the race starts!
The race started and as expected, Kyra took off ahead of us!  I stayed back with Ava who was struggling the first half of the race.  I pushed her (sometimes literally) through the beginning but once we approached the riverbed, she hit her stride and started running strong ahead of me, all the way to the finish!



Both my girls won their age division…they were the only one in them!
That says a lot for just showing up!




Freaky Fri-yay!

We were happy our kiddos would be coming home from their 3 night cabin sleepover at OSS (Outdoor Science School).

2.2 miles in the books + a killer Bootcamp workout afterwards = sore legs & sore booty right now!   No worries, gonna work it out at the Run Seal Beach 10K tomorrow morning! 🏃🏻‍♀️💨 Check out my training runs, races & other sheNANIgans on Snapchat: gononerz 

No Surfboard Required!


2.2 miles in the books for us today. One of the old timer surfers offered to take a pic of us and wanted to offer his surfboard as a prop…thanks dude! I am gearing up for the Run Seal Beach 10K this Saturday…they also offer a 5K & fun run for the kids. This will be my first time participating in the race and I’m looking forward to a fun run with both my daughters who are also taking on the 10K. I love that my enthusiasm for running has spilled over to my girls…they love competing in races too!