Be Happy! <3

Join us at Global Energy 10K & 5K in Long Beach this SUNDAY morning! TEAM “BE HAPPY! ❤” Will be logging 3.1 miles in the books. Brandy Rerucha is heading up the team of elementary & middle schoolers including my girls & my niece & nephew & her daughter!

It’s not too late to register and if you can sign up as a TEAM of 4-8 people for only $20!!! Everyone gets medals, shirts & a ton of other swag items. Get moving & feel great! (My discount code is not valid for the team rate – enter coupon code: GOGLOBALNL for $5 off!) #runwithus


Walking with my buddy boy!

1.3 miles in the books Monday walking with my buddy boy Rocky! He is goofy and all puppy and loves a good walk around the neighborhood. Doing better but still has random spastic episodes to keep me on my toes!

As for me – I am 7 weeks post ACL reconstruction/meniscus repair and working on building my strength. My quad has gone mushy from the atrophy! My doctor just cleared me to walk the Global Energy 5K this weekend, so I’m grateful for that and excited to soak up all the positive vibes on the course in Long Beach!

If you’d like to join us for the 5K or 10K this weekend, you can save an extra $5 by using coupon code: GOGLOBALNL.

More discount codes here:

Shark Week!

2.5 miles in the books today and I’m jumping for joy to be back at it after being on lockdown with my 2 sick kiddos! Spotted this “Shark Sighted” sign near the pier…surfers don’t care about a sign, bring on the surf! I just watched a show that shared some interesting statistics on shark “attacks” (which are really mistakes)…more people get bitten by cows each year than sharks. In fact, more people get bitten by people than sharks!

Make it your habit!

1.5 miles in the books yesterday with my mini me! Kyra seems to really enjoy running and usually leaves me in the dust on the shorter runs. Ava didn’t exactly share our excitement for running this time…I’m going to have to figure out a good way to motivate her!  I love having #mygirlies out there with me. 💜

Here are some fun silly pics we took together!


10.28 miles on my cruiser for a fun bike ride to the beach with #mygirlies! We took the riverbed all the way to River’s End, stopped for a bite and then made our way to Main St. A quick trip to the seashell store, some walking around & lounged around on the beach for a bit but it was windy and cold! We retreated back for what seemed to be a quick ride home…the tailwinds helped! Felt great to be out & about after so many days off.